Our aim at our faculty is to do scientific research on religion in accordance with the requirements of the age and needs of the country , and to train qualified personnel that public and private sector need in this area within the academic stuff and its departments.  We aim to educate students capable of analytical thinking in the rapidly changing world, capable of producing original solution suggestions when posing challenges, contributing to social development through sharing knowledge in life and continuous learning, and  respect for humanitarian values. 

Our faculty has got a vision that takes into account;
        that religion is an indispensable phenomenon for the individual and society  and an important element  forming the culture,
        that providing the society with true religious knowledge is essential  
against superstitious beliefs and practices,
        that universal humanitarian values ​​overlap with religious values,
        that religious data should be evaluated  in line with  reason and,
        that the stuff  who conduct religious education and services should have competence
and adequacy.

Our faculty has got a mission to raise theologians who;
         teach religion by researching the main sources and interpret it on the basis of scientific data.
         internalize religious and cultural heritage and produce solutions to the problems encountered,
         are respectful of constructive criticism,  different views and beliefs,  
         illuminate the society in matters of religion and  can meet the needs by accurate information
         are capable of questioning and selecting,  but not imitating
         are open to new information and can develop himself/herself,
         are able to analyze the various religious formations in the society.

Our  graduates will be able to do academic studies in their fields, work as religious culture and moral education teachers at elementary schools, secondary schools, high schools, vocational high schools and equivalent schools which belong to the Ministry of National Education, and work in the units of the Directorate of Religious Affairs in Turkey and abroad.

We are looking forward to dear young people to our faculty to which  we are planning to have  students in the academic year 2014-2015. We wish to meet at our faculty, which was established within our university  proudly bearing the name of our national poet Mehmet Akif Ersoy, in Burdur which is in the Mediterranean Region and an important city of our country with its climate and culture.